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Analeigh St. Hilaire is an incoming fourth-grader at Davison Avenue Intermediate School.

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At the end of the last school year, she won the Storyworks Jr writing contest sponsored by Scholastic, Inc.

Summer Book Magic

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Every student at Davison Avenue received a special, gold-foil wrapped Roald Dahl book to kick-off their summer vacation and the start of the school’s Summer Book Magic program. As part of the fun, Principal Rachel Gross is hiding gold-wrapped books all over Lynbrook, Lakeview and Malverne for students to find. Parents are taking pictures and tagging #DAVsummermagic to share in the magic. Once the book is found, students are asked to write or draw about their “summer magic” which can be anything from visiting a grandparent to going to the beach. Be sure to check out the hashtag on Twitter all summer!

Olivia Brown was a sixth-grade student at Howard T. Herber Middle School last year.

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She is a stellar student who is dedicated to her studies. Olivia was also a member of the Drama Club, Poetry Club, Debate Club, Earth Day-Legion of Nature and Select Choir and has received many accolades for her creative talents.

Summer/Graduation Newsletter – Now Available


Tuesday, August 20, 2019