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In honor of Black History Month, students in Ms. Stella Crawford’s fourth-grade class did individual research projects on famous African-Americans.  The project culminated in a Living Museum presentation, which allowed students to dress-up and use props to recreate the individual they researched. They invoked an image of the famous people they represented and offered students and visitors a glimpse into the life and history of famous African-American individuals.  As visitors went from student to student, the students offered facts about the individual they researched and visitors were encouraged to “guess” who the famous person was.

Mapping a Winner

Members of Davison Avenue Intermediate School's Social Studies Club recently participated in the National Geographic Bee. Under the direction of advisor Barbara Kimball, students competed in the bee which is a nationwide geography competition of U.S. schools designed to encourage the teaching and studying of geography. Students received ribbons and certificates for their participation. John Karam, who won the club bee, went online to complete the qualifying exam for the state bee. The school has not yet been notified of his status.
Tuesday, March 28, 2017