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The Herber Pride

Herber Pride Newspaper is now ONLINE

The journalism staff has taken our school newspaper, The Herber Pride, to the next level by going online! You can now view our online version of the paper at:

In an effort to go paperless, the Herber Pride will not be producing hard copies of the paper. We are excited to launch the new website, and we are certain that it will be dynamic, up to date, and it will continue to report on the myriad of goings-on here at Herber. Our journalism students are getting a real-life online newspaper experience by committing to this new cyber edition. The paper is currently blog-style with future plans to add additional pictures, school videos, and more as our journalism team grows.

The journalism staff is truly committed to this new format, and they hope to provide a student-produced newspaper with updated articles on sports, student life, academics, and events that the entire community can enjoy.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019